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"We always recommend SANDY PERCH TM"
"I have been a breeder for 28 years and use Sandy Perches for all of our breeders and babies. We always recommend them to the people who purchase a baby from us. It is great not clipping nails anymore. The birds love them."
~ Carole Travis - CTAviaries

"My eclectus loves the new shower perch"
"Dear Joanne,
I would like to tell you how much my eclectus loves the new shower perch. I used to use a wood one, which often resulted in her slipping. Now, with the Sandy Shower Perch, she is able to spread her wings and enjoy the shower without falling. She loves it! Thanks for a great product!"
~ Ron Cypher, MD

"I find them superior"
"Since trying your products, I find them superior to anything on the market; they cured the foot sores that concrete gave my macaw"
~ Dr. Kathy Todd, DVM

"It's comfortable and trims well."
SANDY PERCH TM works well for birds, it's comfortable and trims well."
Dr. Don Apperlee, DVM

"We sell SANDY PERCHES TM exclusively!"
"We sell your perches and absolutely LOVE them! In fact, we stopped carrying Pollys Pastels ® and sell SANDY PERCHES TM exclusively!"
~Beth, owner of FOWL PLAY

"A great product"
"Thanks for making such a great product, I suggest it to all my bird patients."
~Dr. Michael Deutch, DVM

"Much safer than concrete."
"I love them; natural shapes, easy to clean,
and much safer than concrete."
Dr. Heidi Buehner, DVM

"Solely recommend the SANDY PERCHTM"
"I now solely recommend the SANDY PERCH TM my birds appreciate them."
~Pamela Clark - Behavior Consultant

"No problems."
"Both Spikey and new Bongo have a SANDY PERCH TM in their cage and spend a lot of time with them with no problems."
~Sally Blanchard -Parrot expert and editor of THE PET BIRD REPORT

"Awesome product!"
"I just need to say that the SANDY PERCHTM is and awesome product! Not only do they work as advertised, but the sandy coating is extremely durable. Everyone should get rid of those heavy, cold, no-personality concrete perches and get their bird a SANDY PERCHTM"
~Charise Mixa - parrot expert

"I'm really amazed"
"They are gone (the foot sores). I'm really amazed his sores went away so quickly. It took months on concrete perches to get them and only a few weeks on SANDY PERCHTM to go away."
~Tammy, satisfied customer

"Take the cement perches out"
If I'm not mistaken those are the cement perches that I used to have. The reason that I say "used to have" is because I was looking at Minkah's feet one day as he stepped up on my hand, and lo and behold he had the beginnings of a sore. It was diagnosed as bumblefoot. I was told to take the cement perches out of the cages of both the birds and to never use them again. I was also cautioned not to use anything of that nature because it could cause bumblefoot. For a couple of years I didn't...but then I got interested in Sandy Perches.
You can order them from Len at
~Valerie Wixen

"We are so glad"
Dear JoAnne, We wanted to be sure to let you know how much we appreciate the custom-sized perch. We were able to tell a noticeable difference in the sharpness of the macaws' claws within hours of installing it. This is the perch we have been wanting all along when we tried others that didn't work nearly so well. We are so glad we tried your Sandy PerchTM! Thanks so very much for the prompt service!
~Julie & Michael Masser

"Lived up to every promise"
Hi there! I just wanted to write you this letter to tell you how pleased I am with Kayla's new SANDY PERCHTM . It really is a great product! I was replacing a concrete perch (which I dropped and broke, incidentally) when your ad caught my eye. The perch has lived up to every promise you made! Kayla (an umbrella cockatoo) took to it immediately -- I practically have to yank her off it. It is obvious that she finds the perch very comfortable and secure, as she sleeps on it all night. She also uses it for her "shredding perch" where she takes toys and papers for her "ultimate attention" -- and that takes secure footing! Speaking of destroying, she has tried all she could to tear the perch apart, without any success. I call her "the world's most destructive creature" for a reason, as before this I had not found anything that she couldn't shred, chew maul, cut, or flat out destroy. So far, there is not a scratch on the SANDY PERCHTM , and believe me, she has tried. Thanks for making such a great product! I will strongly suggest it to all my bird patients.
~ Dr. Michael Deutsch, DVM

"Extremely durable."
I just needed to say that the SANDY PERCHTM is an awesome product! The birds are very comfortable using them, and not only do they work as advertised (helping keep nails and beaks trim), but the sandy coating is extremely durable. We use a 1,000 psi hot water (200 degrees) pressure washer to give the cages a thorough cleaning and I have yet to notice the smallest amount of the sandy texture getting dislodged. And I frequently get the nozzle of the pressure washer less than an inch from the surface that I'm washing. Everyone should get rid of those heavy, cold, no-personality concrete perches and get some Sandy Perches. They are definitely a quality product!
~ Charise Mixa - avid bird lover

"Natural shape of the wood."
Another new Pet Bird Report advertiser is Parrotopia (pg 87) the maker of SANDY PERCHTM. This is a manzanita core with brightly colored sand permanently bonded to it. I check one thing about all "grooming or conditioning perches." I grip them as tightly as I can and then slide my hand over them several times. If they are rough enough to scrape or cut my hand, I won't give them to my parrots. Both Spikey and the new Bongo have a SANDY PERCHTM in their cage and they spend a lot of time on them with no problems or abrasions on their feet. "One nice thing about these perches is that they are the natural shape of the wood."
~ Sally Blanchard - a well known and respected Parrot Behaviorist and the Editor of   "The Pet Bird Report"  

"I solely recommend the SANDY PERCHTM."
I have long been a proponent of pedicure perches, feeling that they offer a gently but effective alternative to more invasive approaches of keeping toenails short. I now solely recommend the SANDY PERCHTM. I appreciate the light weight, ease of cleaning, and greater effectiveness. My birds appreciate the warmth and natural shape.
~ Pamela Clark, Breeder and Behavior Consultant - Clark's Exotics

"The very best"
I hand-feed many different baby parrots and have found the SANDY PERCHTM from Parrotopia to be the very best and very helpful. As a baby birds first perch it is easy for them to grip and will keep their nails from feeling like little needles when they are held.
~ Gloria Shay - Bird Breeder of 20 years

"What a quality product."
Hello JoAnne,
I received the SANDY PERCHTM this evening. JoAnne your flyer doesn't do the SANDY PERCHTM justice. I know you described the perch to me and I viewed it in the flyer but till did not realize what a quality product the SANDY PERCHTM is. This is wonderful, I want to order these for my out door flights. I will contact you via phone on Tuesday with the measurements and method of payment. What a wonderful product to find and what a treat this will be for my breeding birds. I had a concrete perch in Nala's (my Blue and Gold) cage. I removed it as soon as I received yours and she really likes it. She just keeps rubbing her beak on it, she wasn't at all afraid of it. I know you said I would love it, and now I know why you knew that I would. What a quality product.
Thank you so much,
~ Tammie

"Your perch is the best thing going!"
I have to say that your perch is the best thing going! I won a cockatoo named Kiwi who has used concrete perches, Naturezone perches, and your SANDY PERCHTM to keep her mails trimmed. I have to say, hands down, the SANDY PERCHTM is the best product for this purpose. Concrete was heavy and cold (especially here in the Northeast!), Naturezone were only marginally effective for as long as they lasted, which was only for as long as it took for Kiwi to chew it to pieces! Now the only conditioning perch she has in her cage is the SANDY PERCHTM. It has been in the cage since November, and her nails are nicely filed, not sharp. It has also helped to keep her beak in top condition too! I am only sorry there aren't many dealers in my area that stock SANDY PERCHTM - I have to order them online or get them at birdshows.
Thank you so much.
~ Elissa Buja - Leominster, MA

"I am really amazed"
Joanne of Parrotopia,
I sold a jumbo perch to this woman in Texas for her Grey and White Macaw, and she told me he had sores on his feet from his cement perch. The following is her statement to me about a week and a half after I shipped the perch. BTW, she works for Rick Jordan. My note and her reply are below...

Joseph Rydant wrote:
>> I'd sure like to know if the problem persists, or goes away with the the SANDY PERCHTM, so I hope you keep me informed.<<
Hi Joseph:
They are GONE!! Rader has been talking up a storm the past few days and just feeling great! I am really amazed that his sores went away so quick -- took a few months to acquire them, and only a few weeks to get rid of them! I love that perch, and I will recommend them to all my friends.
Rader thanks you...
~ Sincerely, Tammy

"His feet are very healthy looking."
Dear Joanne,
As with any new product, I was a little hesitant at first. The main question being would the SANDY PERCHTM work well without harming my bird. So I decided to try one. I have a large, vocal, active macaw and he was using a cement perch. Well, it worked okay on his nails and beak but the bottoms of his feet were frequently red and rough looking. Within a few weeks of installing the SANDY PERCHTM Arch Swing (size jumbo) in his cage, I noticed that the soles of his feet were smoothing out and he seemed more comfortable. That was about six months ago and I have not trimmed his nails or beak since then, and his feet are very healthy looking.
~ Dr. Kathy Todd, DVM

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